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Sean - Head Coach/Owner


As a former competitor, current coach and spectator in the sport of boxing, I have developed a firm understanding of the principals, techniques, and strategies required to be successful in the ring. My love of boxing, along with the time and hard work I have put into training and coaching, has led me to develop a training method that relies heavily on the fundamentals, but also allows my fighters to be creative, unique, and capitalize on their individual strengths.


While I teach the same techniques to everyone I also understand that no two people are the same. Each person will learn at a different pace, have their own expectations, and set different goals. My job, as well as the other coaches here, is to cater to the individual. And the great part about boxing is that you, the individual, can take the sport as far as you want. My goal at Champkom is to guide each member in whatever direction they choose, while keeping everyone's safety in mind. 

I have a passion for boxing and love all aspects of it. Whether I am sparring, coaching, or learning more about its intricacies, I find incredible meaning and personal satisfaction in being involved in any way I can. My hope is that I can give my students what my coach gave me, which is the knowledge, understanding, and personal rewards one acquires from dedicating time and effort in the gym every week. 

George - Head Coach/Owner


George has dedicated many years to this sport and has committed his life to teaching others. His boxing and competition experience is enhanced by an overall knowledge of strength, conditioning and nutrition, as well as a goal-setting mentality that can be shown in the results of his many clients since 2012. 

His passion is the sport of boxing, but will work with everyone based on individual interests and needs, whether they want to compete, get in shape, or have fun and learn a new skill. George has had the last 10 years of personal training experience to refine and develop an effective method that his clients respond well to. His positive and enthusiastic attitude keep his students returning to learn more and push themselves to their limits. 

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